Friday, July 1, 2011

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Invite (Evolution of the Invitation)!

You can see from the images that I started with some screen shots that I took from the Disney Junior - Jake and The Never Land Pirates Website.  I took the Blank Pirate Map, a shot of the main characters and finally the main logo.  Since I do not have access to the latest and greatest Adobe Software, I used the resources that I had on hand, which consisted of a lot of copying and pasting by utilizing Microsoft Paint.  For the font I used Bradley Hand ITC.  For the wooden-looking number three, I simply cut and paste (and horizontally reversed) a letter "E" from the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Logo and then fattened it up a bit with Paint.  I personally think that it came out semi-decent, considering the lack of image altering software, as well as only investing two hours.

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